Nairobi JavaScript Community

The force is strong with us.

What we aim to focus on along the year:

Web APIs for Web Apps
CSS3 with Twitter Bootstrap
JavaScript & jQuery
AngularJS framework/UI rendering & management
Node.js with Express
Task Automation: Grunting
Server Config/Automation
Project Versioning and deployment
If the force is strong with you, Click here to join us!


Community/usergroup focused on JavaScript inclusive of Node.js and related topics. We meet regularly on the 1st Saturday each month at 2pm at iHub tech space. What you should look forward to:

  • Libraries, frameworks & plugins tutorials, reviews and tooling
  • ES6 - introduction, usage and transpilers
  • task-automations(if you’ve heard of gruntjs, if you've not you will ^_^)
  • front-end package management -
  • using pre-processors (eg. less, coffeescripts, typescript...)
  • manual or git hooks application, deployment to servers (should be a rule that anyone under 40 years of age is not allowed to use FTP)
  • using dokku, your own heroku server installation, and application deployment
  • application environment management and synchronous development of a team using Vagrant
  • Command line usage, it is your friend
  • beginners to advanced git/github repos usage
  • pimping your SublimeText IDE editor and much much more...

If all the mentioned above were like “blah blah blah…” to you, then you have all the reasons to join this community and be present in all meet-ups and understand how we are able to build complex applications MVPs in mere days or hours. We look forward to hearing from you, and to seeing you at an upcoming event.

Guess what? And Google Developers Group/Members are joining us in this journey

Yes! GDG group/members are joing us in this journey. Where would Google and Google developers/enthusiasts be without JavaScript. And where would we be. So it makes total sense to stregnthen this symbiotic relationship we have.

Is the force strong with you? Click here to join us!